If you know me, you know I love lists.  And if you really know me, you know that my saying I only love lists is an understatement.  If there’s even a slight opportunity for me to make a list, I will make a list.  I can’t get enough of them! They’re organized and, well I’m already crazy about them for just that reason, but they also keep you from getting overwhelmed when life if handing you just a little too much.  

So anyway, since I enjoy making lists so much, I thought I’d make a list of lists you can make.;)

  1. Bad Habits You Want to Avoid
  2. Best Experiences
  3. Best Things About Christmas
  4. Books You Want to Read
  5. Books You’ve Already Read
  6. Bucket List
  7. Cities You’ve Slept in at Least One Night
  8. Daily Routine
  9. Done List
  10. Due Dates
  11. Favourite Bands/Artists
  12. Favourite Foods
  13. Favourite Quotes
  14. Gift Ideas
  15. Grocery List
  16. Home Improvements
  17. Ideas for Your Scrapbook/Blog/Project etc.
  18. Important Dates (Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.)
  19. Jobs You’ve Had so Far
  20. Lessons You’ve Learned From Your Parents
  21. Long Term Goals
  22. Monthly Expenses
  23. Movies You Want to Watch
  24. Movies You’ve Already Watched
  25. Overrated Things
  26. Passwords
  27. People Who Have Inspired You
  28. Personal Accomplishments
  29. Phone Apps You Use Daily
  30. Places You Want to Go
  31. Reasons Why You’re Awesome
  32. Recipes You Want to Try
  33. Risks You’ve Taken
  34. Short Term Goals
  35. Things That Make You Happy
  36. Things You Like About Your Significant Other
  37. Things You Want to Get
  38. Things You’re Thankful For
  39. To-Do Lists
  40. Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Cleaning List

Lots to choose from, lots to learn from.  I think lists have a greater purpose than just making life more organized.  For example, if you write down your personal accomplishments, your self worth could rise.  Writing down the things you’re thankful for will possibly make you even more thankful.  You get the idea!  

For whatever reason life is hard for you at this very moment, try making a list.  It might help!:)

P.S. If you have more list ideas to make, let me know in the comment section below.  Also, if you haven’t already subscribed, there’s an email sign up section at the bottom of this page.:)