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If there was ever a night when a car was pushed to its limits, tonight would’ve been that night.  If there was ever a night where praying was used to the fullest, tonight would’ve been that night.  Never before had John had such a shot of adrenal rush through his body.  His heart was pounding, his hands were shaking, his knees were weak, and yet he had never been surer of his ability to get to the hospital than he was this night.  

He could see his wife’s nails being bitten, he could feel his son’s breaking point on the very edge of being just that, and he knew he had to stay strong.  But this couldn’t be happening, this couldn’t be real. This couldn’t be something that would happen to their family.  The thousands of times he had rushed along this road for some unknown stranger, the thought of needing to do the same for a family member, for his dear Ann, had never crossed his mind.

“Can’t we go any faster?” Mark’s shaky voice asked.

“I’m sure we could, son, but we need to get there in one piece,” John said, feeling sick to his stomach as he said these words.  What if his youngest daughter wasn’t in one- No, John, you can’t break down now.  You can’t give up hope.  Just keep driving.  We’ll know soon enough..why the cops couldn’t have given us more information I’ll never know…

“John, the exit!” Brakes screeching, the car wheeled onto the familiar exit, swung into the parking lot and straight into John’s space.  All at once they jumped out of the car, ran toward the hospital doors, through the waiting room, through the hall until they reached the emergency room, where John grabbed the first doctor he saw and began asking questions, trying to stay calm.

While all this was happening, Mark had sat down, face turning pale, mouth going dry, wondering how to digest all of this.  He didn’t know what to do, what to think…She was always there for me.  She cared about all my little problems, helped me with my homework, no questions asked, and she never treated me like the little, annoying brother that I am. She, she-

“Mark?” Spencer’s mom had now arrived, tear streaked face and all. “Hi.  Where’s your mom?”

“Oh, uh, hey.  She’s right around the corner, I think,” Mark answered, almost choking on his own words.

“Thanks dear,” and with that she rushed to Hannah.  Tears now streaming down both their faces, they embraced, each trying to comfort the other.

After awhile, Jill began asking Hannah questions to see if she knew anything yet, but all she got was a shoulder shrug.  They both sat down, antsy as they were and began twiddling their thumbs.  Silence took over, but their thoughts were relatively the same.

“Hannah, Jill.” They jumped at the sound of their names, but sat down again as soon as they saw the look on John’s face.  They knew that what John was about to share, would change their lives forever.

And the world as we know it, stood still.

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