I’ve got some news to share, about this blog.  I love doing writings, but I also love writing stories, so I’ve decided to incorporate that into this blog.

I’ve always enjoyed writing stories, especially when I could add meaning to them while still keeping it interesting.  

And I know that for me, stories can do so much more than just entertain, even though I love that they do that.  They can encourage, lift up, clarify, and on and on and that’s what I want my stories to do for you.

I’m still new to this, although I’ve written countless stories when I was in school.  I want to improve, I want to share, and everyone’s got to start somewhere, so this is where my starting line begins.  I have a lot to learn, so bear with me!

I hope you’ll be blessed and encouraged by my writings, because that is my primary goal, but I also hope you’ll be entertained, because we all know how boring life gets without entertainment.  So…

I will be posting a story in the next week!:)

Stay tuned, or whatever it is that they say.;)