Self-improvement is crucial in the world that we live in today.  It’s not about being self-absorbed, it’s just that if you can’t help yourself, how do you expect to help anyone else?  It’s about taking care of yourself, so that you have the ability to start taking care of others.

I’ve found that once I set my mind to do something consistently, I start doing everything in my life more consistently.  I start to feel a worth rise in my soul, and it makes me feel like I may actually have the strength to benefit others in their life, not just me in mine.  The more you improve in your life, the more you can help others improve in theirs.

So today I want to take some time to talk about the impact that self-improvement has on your life.

1.It makes you a better person.  As I said before, if you’re taking care of yourself, you’ll be able to take care of others.  You’ll actually start to feel this need to be a beneficial part of someone else’s life. You’ll start making time for people because you want to, not because you have to.  You’ll begin to realize that gossip is petty and useless, because why bring people down when you can raise them up?!  All in all, you’ll feel the good side of your spiritual life grow stronger with every small improvement you make.

2.You get to know yourself better.  The more you improve, the more you get to know yourself.  You may be thinking, “I’ve lived with myself my entire life, I think I know myself pretty well.”  True, you’ve always had your own company, but very often you’re not actually paying attention to yourself and the way you handle situations time after time after time.  When you make a plan or a goal, and you start working towards it, you will begin to notice weaknesses you didn’t think you had, and strengths you didn’t know you could have.  From this, you learn how to succeed and become the best version of you.  So the more you improve, the more you will be able to keep improving.

3.You start to love yourself more.  After you’ve set a goal, and you’ve been going at it for a couple of weeks, when you look back on how far you’ve come, you start appreciating who you are as a person, which makes you start loving yourself more.  In the beginning there may be a red light telling you that it’s foolish and crazy to love yourself, but fight against that red light with everything you’ve got.  This is a feeling you should try to get rid of if it’s developed in your life.  It’s good to love yourself.  It’s necessary, actually, if you want to succeed and help others.

4.You become more confident.  When you improve, becoming more confident makes all the sense in the world because you’re becoming a better version of yourself, and whether you like it or not, you’ll start to love that version.  Your thoughts will become less directed as to whether or not you look good enough to be seen in public, and more directed to throwing a smile at people you meet, just so that their day will be as bright as yours.  It will be easier to interact with people and get to know them.  It will become less important as to what people think of you, and more important as to what God thinks of you.

5.Your self-esteem will rise.  Ever have that feeling that you’re not good enough to do anything?  Well, as soon as you start working on yourself, whether it’s spiritual, physical, or emotional, you’ll feel that uselessness start to fade away.  Why?  Because you’re working towards something.  You’re accomplishing those goals you’ve dreamed of accomplishing for the past 8 years.  You start to feel that self-worth rise because now that you’ve done the ‘impossible’ in your own life, you feel that you can help others overcome the ‘impossible’ in their life.  You’ll start believing in yourself again, knowing that you can do anything you set your mind to.  And that’s so important, because if you’d never realize this then the world could miss something better than the discovery of electricity.

These are the benefits I’ve noticed pop up in my life when I start to focus on improving myself.  For me, personally, as soon as I start improving in one area of my life, I start improving in all areas of my life.  If I fail to improve in one thing, I’ll start failing to improve in all things.  It’s kind of a package deal for me.  Of course, you’re your own person, so find out what works best for you.  And in order to know what works best for you, you need to actually start by trying to improve.  Don’t say tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes.  There’s only today and we never know how many more todays we’re going to be given.  So act now, don’t wait!  The world needs exactly what you have to offer it!

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